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Mobile app to remote
control the store.

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Take Away simple and practical anytime.

Place your order, pay and then just grab and go.

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Home Delivery

Discover stores with this service and choose a delivery point of your own choice.

One app to all.

Discover what services are around you and interact with them.

Cloud-Based platform
for the long tail retailers

Web app for receiving and managing orders.


Expose to broader marketplace and reduce customer churn.

Efficient resource

Access to accurate business metrics, distributing the workload more efficiently.

Customer engagement
and satisfaction.

The most innovative way to serve customers with minimal exposure to busy hour constraints.

Menu in consumers

Available 24/7!

Reach broader

With Delivery and Take Away services you can go even further.

Secure and safe payments.

Orders are paid with MBWAY.

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With us your customers would just have to pick up and walk.
We have special conditions Covid-19.

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